Elec-Unlimited Inside

At first glance, the labor cost of the install may seem high, but there is a lot that goes into the price we quote. We take our installations very seriously and they are the heart of our company.

All of our installers/technicians are factory trained, full time employees that work out of a fleet of company vehicles. You will never see an employee pull up to your boat and get his tools out of the trunk dressed in his own work clothes.

We provide insurance coverage for not only the work, but your boat as well. But enough of the sales pitch, here’s what we do different that makes Electronics Unlimited a place to invest your hard earned dollars.

Components: We use the highest quality materials available from waterproof connectors, shielded cables and stainless hardware..

Meticulous: We provide meticulous attention to detail from the helm layout to cable runs and connections. This aids in troubleshooting down the road as well as trouble free boating.

No Subcontractors: Many companies use sub contractors to eliminate expense to allow them to have cheaper labor costs. You never know what you will get or if they are certified. And they are long gone if we need to follow up later. Our techs have years with us and there is a great chance the same tech that did the job can return to assist you.

Waterproofing: We provide sealant to all areas where needed in addition to taking extra care in adding additional plastic drip shields to equipment that has to be mounted in less than ideal locations.

Sea Trials and Orientation: Every installation is provided with a sea trial and customer equipment orientation to make sure you know how to use everything.

Certification:   All our installations are Factory, CMET and NMEA Certified to provide you on board warranty should you need it.

Warranty: In addition to manufactures warranties Electronics Unlimited covers our installations for 2yrs and provide dockside service up to a 50 mile radius. These are just a few of the things we do. Ask when you shop around for their install procedures and practices, we think you’ll start to understand why we’re not the cheapest out there, but we certainly are the best.