Electronics Unlimited is at the forefront of designing marine electronics systems and networks.

Our engineering Services

Marine Networks

A well-designed marine electronics network serves as the backbone of your vessel’s communication and information infrastructure. It enables the seamless integration and interaction of multiple devices and systems, such as navigation equipment, communication devices, entertainment systems, and more. A thoughtfully designed network ensures efficient data flow, reliable connectivity, and simplified control, enhancing safety, efficiency, and overall user experience on board.
Years of Experience

Advanced Design with CAD:

Our design process is driven by the power of CAD technology. Computer-Aided Design enables our team of skilled engineers to create precise, detailed, and sophisticated electronic systems.


Advanced Navigation System Design: Navigating the Waters with Precision and Confidence

At Electronics Unlimited, we specialize in crafting advanced navigation system designs that empower mariners with precise and reliable navigation capabilities. 

Our expert engineers harness the latest technologies and industry best practices to create cutting-edge navigation systems that ensure safe and accurate voyages, regardless of the challenges presented by the marine environment.